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All the planning is over. You can relax. Photo-shoot is in the bag. You are in the car on the way to your chosen venue with your new spouse, where your family and guests await your arrival, safe in the knowledge that The WeddingSwinger has been hard at work for the past hour or so. Everyone is experiencing the pleasure that those classic songs bring to young and not so young and they’re all in a great mood. They will be unconsciously finger-clicking and foot-tapping their way towards dinner while wondering how you came up with such great entertainment.


The following day aunts, uncles and in-laws will be thanking you for booking The WeddingSwinger! These are the type of comments Derek hears from each and every wedding he has ever performed at.



N.B. No matter how long your Champagne Reception lasts The WeddingSwinger will perform until the bell is rung for dinner at no extra charge.




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